fishing fly tiers

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Fairsurf Limited offers flies of exceptional quality. Each fly is hand tied in Kikuyu Kenya, on special hooks using only the highest grade of materials. We believe that quality flies are an essential part of fly fishing, and that the better the fly, the better the angling. Time and attention are given to each fly ensuring your satisfaction. We offer a variety of flies for every season and every fishing condition. Whether you are fly fishing for rainbows in the tumbling waters of the spring thaw, or casting for bass in calm summer ponds, you will find the perfect fly for your angling adventure at Fairsurf Limited Angling Essentials.

Dry flies mimic the adult life stage of an aquatic insect that appears on the surface of the water. Trout are often very selective when feeding on the surface, so we offer a wide variety of dry flies to match a wide variety of insects.

Nymphs are flies representing the underwater life stage of an aquatic insect. Since trout spend the majority of their time feeding under the surface, everyone needs an ample supply of these flies.

Streamers imitate baitfish - the preferred prey of larger fish. Whether you want a streamer that mimics a specific baitfish or just a general imitation, we offer a number of patterns to meet your needs. Wet flies are a traditional class of flies that can be used as attractors or as imitations of emerging aquatic insects - every angler should carry a few.

Terrestrials are land born insects that have fallen into the water. They include a wide variety of insects, but the flies that are primarily used to represent them are ants, beetles, grasshoppers, and crickets. All are effective and no one should be without them.

Fly fishing for bass offers a uniquely different experience. Bass are very opportunistic feeders, so we offer a variety of patterns from mice to dragonflies to entice bass on your next fly fishing trip. This group of specialized flies has evolved over the years for steelhead and has improved success rates for these super sized trout. We carry a variety of brightly colored nymphs and streamers, as well as a number of egg patterns that will meet your steelhead fly fishing needs.